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Cessna Skyhawk Yorkshire

Chocks away your Cessna Skyhawk simulator flight is about to depart! This enthralling pilot simulator is based on a 172 the world’s best selling high-wing light aircraft. This is leisure flying at its very best – and all without the expense and hassle of refuelling hangarage fees maintenance and all the rest of it. Perfect for armchair aviators!The first thing we must point out is that these Skyhawk flight sims are way more realistic than any computer game you might have tried. Not only is the flight deck a replica of a Cessna Skyhawk you’ll be sitting in a fully-enclosed cockpit for the entirety of your flight sim session. All the levels and gauges are there too and with top-notch graphics you’ll have trouble working out what’s real and what isn’t.Something that’s very real is the person behind this Cessna Skyhawk simulator. He’s called Jason and he loves a bit of plane talk. He’s also the one who’ll be mentoring you during your Cessna sim session. This 172 sim actually shares a home with a rather impressive F16 jet simulator and whilst military fighting aircraft might be filled with big thrills and spills the Skyhawk is full of charm and pluckiness that makes this sim a delight to fly.You’ll be pretty amazed by the graphics too. It’s about as picturesque as you can get and utterly immersive. And the whole thing is so advanced that the flight sim options for would-be pilots are pretty endless. That means you can fly where you fancy land where you’ve always wanted to and take off in all weather conditions.And for those who think that piloting a Cessna on a maiden voyage is going to be too tricky and you’ll never get off the ground – fear not. If you get left and right up and down sorted you can have fun in the air. Of course a smooth landing right on the centre line of the runway would be nice as would some stylish sweeping turns around the Empire State Building but if it does go wrong in the 172 cockpit you can just press the re-set button and you’re back on!We are offering 30 60 90 and 120 minute Cessna Skyhawk simulator sessions at this friendly centre in Yorkshire. There’s a comfy briefing lounge too so you can invite friends and family to watch your progress.

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