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Champagne Experience

Taste the fizz when you take part in a fun and informative Champagne experience! Spend an evening learning about the wonders of Champers and sparkling wines in a two hour session hosted by an expert. It’s time to meet the bubbles! If you like drinking Champagne you probably already know that only those fizzy wines produced in the Champagne region in northern France have the right to be called Champagnes. In our experience many of us drink other (very good) sparkling tipples without actually knowing that they are not Champagnes but each one has a name and an identity of its own as you’ll discover. This is where you’ll be introduced to the likes of Italian Proseccos and lesser known but equally tasty tipples such as the Moscato d’Asti. And then there’s the award-winning English sparkling wine that never fails to surprise the tasters with how good it actually is. In fact with all these sparkling wines vying to topple Champagne’s crown the way the evening is run is excellent as some of the wines are tasted blind. This means these wines are on a level pegging so we’ll see whether the French Champers can beat the often cheaper but often equally high quality contenders from other regions and countries. What we also like about these experiences is that the methods of making Champagne are explained to you so if you’ve ever wondered how they get the bubbles in the bottles this is where you’ll find out. Basically there are three ways of creating fizz: Traditional Tank and Transfer. These might not mean a lot to you now but by the end of your Champagne evening you will know all about each production process. As well as sparkling wines from around the world you will be getting the full genuine Champagne experience as you sample a dry (brut) champagne a pink Champers and even learn how to make Champagne cocktails. And of course after all that shaking and stirring you will be allowed to drink your bubble-filled beverage that you have created. If you love the fizz you will adore being part of a Champagne experience. As the corks are popped your expert host will teach you all there is to know about Champers and the rival sparkling wines. A Champagne evening is the perfect aperitif to a night out on the town with a convivial atmosphere and even antipasti platters being served to get you in the bubbly mood.

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