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Chocolate Making Party Kit

How good would it be to have your very own chocolate party when and where you like with oodles of melted choc all around? Well now you can with these fabulous chocolate making kits that are delivered to your home with all the ingredients you need for a cocoa-tastic get together! It’s definitely going to be a chocolate-filled party at yours when you crack open this brilliant kit. All you need to bring along to the gathering are some friends a saucepan of hot water a heat proof bowl and a wooden spoon. Oh and maybe an apron if the drizzling gets a little out of hand. All the raw ingredients the tools and the packaging is provided for you. And we’re guessing that whilst you might very well be a seasoned chocolate eater if you receive this as a gift you are probably not a professional chocolatier so all the instructions are included on an easy-to-read scroll that you can put up next to the table worktop or any other surface that has been temporarily been transformed into a veritable choc laboratory to host these parties The beauty of these kits is in their simplicity. The whole process is broken down into simple to follow steps starting with melting the dark and milk organic morsels that look rather like choccy buttons. Once this is done the party can get in full swing as you temper flavour dip decorate and package your creations. Of course there’s one last stage that must never be forgotten – eating. The proof is most definitely in the tasting and these might be home-made chocolates but with your professional kit they wouldn’t look out of place in a fancy shop window all neatly stacked up in their tempered and sprinkled glory. Yum. As your chocolate party comes to a close all that remains for you to do is pop your little pieces of self-made cocoa heaven into the special packing bags provided add a little sticker and away you go back home to show everyone what you made. If you don’t scoff them all yourself that is. This kit gives you enough ingredients for each party goer to make around 15 individual chocs.

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