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Chocolate Unicorn

Get on trend with some sparkly chocolatey goodness in the form of a glorious mythical unicorn with locks that would make Rapunzel jealous, and chow down (or let your nearest and dearest unicorn lovers have a bite) on a slab of pure Belgian chocolate that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. Surrounded with chocolate stars and made from white and dark chocolate like we hope every unicorn was, this is a picture-perfect slab that looks good enough to eat and thankfully is. Crafted by chocolatier experts in beautiful Somerset, this is an ideal gift for any unicorn or chocolate lover that just loves glittery horses so much they’re desperate to take a bite. Which is weird, but so are unicorns when you think about it. This is 400g of chocolate, so you might struggle to finish it in one sitting and we’d strongly advise not trying. This much chocolate at once is enough to give anyone a stomach ache, and not even the restorative powers of Scotland’s national animal will be able to spare you that feeling of sweet, sweet chocolate regret. Unicorns were made to be savoured, and this sweet creation is waiting just for you.

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