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Chocolate Workshop Manchester

Sign up for one of these chocolate making classes in Manchester and indulge yourself in a fun session surrounded by cocoa! If you like chocolate you will love this activity that takes place at the Park Inn in the beating heart of Manchester. Be prepared to get stuck in as you learn how to make a range of tasty chocolate products using gorgeously gooey chocolate.On arrival you’ll be shown to the corporate room where your class will take place and be greeted by the chocolatier who will be hosting event. These classes are all about showing you just how the art of making chocolates is perfected – with lots of mess to make as your work your chocolate!Your host will give you a little historical run down of how we went from discovering the humble cocoa bean to consuming tons off chocolates each year as well as explaining the whole process from cocoa bean to bar. Then it’s over to you to get into groups and get creative with the ganaches and gooey chocolate fudge to come up with tasty treats. During the course of these Manchester-based sessions you will also be able to make a giant chocolate button decorated in your very own personal style.These workshops use chocolate from Belgian chocolatiers Belcolade from their organic collection. That means all Peruvian and Dominican cocoa beans cane sugar and vanilla pods used to make the chocolate is grown organically. What’s more the cocoa content is nice in high in both the milk and dark chocolate giving them low viscosity so they are ideal for dipping and enrobing chocolate creations. That’s the technical gubbins done but no doubt you’re wanting to now how many choccies you’ll be making?Well this chocolate making class in Manchester will last around 2 hours. That means you have lots of time to sniff taste and create chocolate – as well as having a good time. And as we alluded to earlier you don’t leave empty handed. Depending on how nifty with the dipping rolling and decorating you are you will be able to take around 15 of your creations home with you in a pretty hand tied bag.

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