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Churnet Valley Railway Steam Train Lunch for Two

Fancy a nice lunch at the Churnet Valley Railway? It’s all aboard the 12:35pm departure for a tasty Saturday or Sunday luncheon onboard a historic and beautifully restored steam train that’ll be choo-chooing along the track whilst you tuck in. Usually when you’ve got a train to catch it’s always a bit of stress making sure you get to the station in time not forgetting your tickets and walking the whole length of the train to see if there’s a free seat. Well you’ll be pleased to hear it’s much more welcoming and friendly at the Churnet Valley Railway and you will not only have a large comfy armchair style seat but a fully set table too! You are heartily invited to arrive before your lunch train departs so you can have a meander around Kingsley & Froghall station. The Victorian station building and waiting room is truly lovely and very authentic but is in fact a reproduction re-built and then lovingly finished off and furnished by the Churnet Valley Railway’s dedicated volunteers as the original was raised to the ground soon after the train line closed. Just before 12:35 you’ll be invited to board your train by the steward. The steam locomotive will be stoked up ready to go and the onboard waiting team will be on hand to show you to your table. The ‘Moorlander’ dining car has been beautifully restored and offers first class accommodation – right down to flower arrangements and linen table cloths. They don’t do lunch by halves at this wonderful railway through the Churnet Valley that’s for sure! Your menu is very much a traditional meal with a soup to start and roast beef  with all the trimmings to follow. Dessert is home-made and rounded off with tea and coffee. All courses are served at your table leaving you to chat and gaze out of the window at the ever-changing Churnet Valley scenery as you rumble gently along the railway tracks. We think riding the Churnet Valley Railway lunch train is the perfect weekend activity for all the family. A good freshly-cooked meal combines with the glamour of the golden age of steam travel and stunning Staffordshire countryside views to make for a tantalisingly tasty railway experience. All aboard the lunch time departure!

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