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Clay Pigeon Shooting Wiltshire

Go clay pigeon shooting in Wiltshire! Track and shoot down clay targets using a variety of traditional clay shooting techniques with these trigger-tingling experiences near Swindon conveniently located just off the M4. Close to Barbury Castle and enjoying an expanse of wide open space in the heart of Wiltshire this shooting school offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits and clay pigeon shoots are one of the most popular choices.  Opt for either 30 or 50 clays and you’ll receive individual gun tuition from an experienced instructor on how to take aim and fire a shotgun hopefully bringing down a clay or two in the process! You’re also given a full explanation and demonstration of safe gun handling as well as being kitted out with a shooting vest safety glasses and ear protection. Finally you’ll get an appropriate shotgun for your build – women’s and junior guns are available – before it’s out to North Wiltshire’s premier shooting range for the all-important target practice. For a 30-clay shoot here in Wiltshire you’ll be aiming at both driven and crossing clays. Driven clays are fired from traps close to the ground and simulate pheasants being frightened or €˜driven’ into flight. Crossing clays are what most people imagine when they think of clay pigeon shooting €“ where the chalky discs fly across the open sky.  If you select a 50-clay experience at this centre just outside Swindon you’ll be placed in a small group and shown the techniques of group shooting including flushes (where you need to co-ordinate as a team to bring down as many clays as you can within the time limit) and flurries (when there are multiple clays in the air at the same time). Depending on the number of clays you choose and the number in your party your session will take on average between one and two hours. Whatever form your clay pigeon shooting experience takes the Wiltshire site offers tea coffee and snack facilities as well as a range of alternative outdoor activities so there’s something to keep everyone entertained. So here’s your clay pigeon shooting Wiltshire experience in a nutshell – get settled in the stand wait patiently one eye shut looking down the sight of the gun focus try to stop your heart beating faster in anticipation…hear the trap go….catch the clay in your sights…and shoot! These clay days near Swindon are great fun and a super choice for groups of friends colleagues or families with our vouchers for one two or up to eight to take part.

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