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Clay Shooting Brecon Beacons

€˜Scores up heads down on the guns’ is the motto for clay shooting in the Brecon Beacons! You will be learning all you need to know to go from being a miss-hitter to a hot shot right on target at these one to one clay sessions in this stunning corner of South Wales.Your shoot takes place on some of that brilliantly wild and rugged Welsh terrain just on the edge of the Brecons. We think clays is one of the best activities in the Brecon Beacons for individuals groups and indeed all ages. What’s more being located near the village of Coelbren it’s an easy drive to get there from the likes of Neath and Swansea.The main man behind these clay shoots in the Brecons is Richard. His enthusiasm for his sport is infectious and he always spends time with newbies to make sure you all feel well prepared and ready for your activity. After the initial safety talk you’ll be hearing about things like eye dominance stance and gun fit. Getting the right size and calibre of gun is essential and this Brecons-based team endeavours to pick the correct shotgun for each shooter.As this Brecons setting is utterly rural there’s loads of space to set up various target stands. You might be taking aim at clays over the brow of a hill or across extensive shrubland. Indeed it’s that sort of place here. We’re not talking all-singing all-dancing fancy club this is all about making the most of the countryside all around to offer some very authentic shooting scenarios.Of course full training is included on these Brecon Beacons shoots. You might pick up on things like the €˜kill zone’ and €˜pick up points’ that’s to say where you start to track the clay with your gun. All you then have to do is pull the trigger and remember to continue to move the gun on the same trajectory as the target and€¦hopefully€¦it’s a smash hit! Woohoo!If you’re looking for a fun and friendly place to try clay shooting this Brecon Beacons shoot is a superb choice. It feels like you are really getting back to the basics of hunt shooting with such wild countryside all around you yet you’re just a short distance from Swansea and Neath.

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