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Coastal Flyboard Experience

Become a Flyboard rider with freeflowing flair on these adrenaline-packed have-a-go sessions! What we love about this venue is that you will be taking to the fly board on the sea at this the country’s very first coastal fly board centre! Feel like a superhero ninja in a wetsuit out on the blue waters of the south coast as you head out of Poole harbour and onto the open seas around Sandbanks beach for this amazing experience that will literally have you flying out of the water on a board. Maybe we should explain how it works. You get kitted out in full wet suit buoyancy aid and helmet then you’ll put your feet into a pair of Hyperlite boots that are fixed to the fly board. The board itself is a bit like a plastic skateboard but with heavy duty jet hoses underneath to propel you in the air. When you first look at the gadget you’ll think:’There’s now way I’ll be able to balance and stand up on THAT!’ but with expert flyboard tuition and a bit of determination you will succeed. Once out on the water and ready to fly you get yourself strapped into the board. The accompanying PWC (that’s personal water craft) that provides the water for the hoses and your intructor who is controlling the thrust will wait for the OK from you then the water is released…….and as the pressure builds up in the hose the underwater propulsion will raise the board with you on it out of the water…and you’re flying! The sensation of being raised into the air on a column of high pressure water is probably quite enough excitement for one day by the seaside – and after 25 minutes out on the sea you’ll probably be exhilarated but exhausted too. Don’t forget this flyboard centre at Poole harbour near Bournemouth is the first and only location in the UK to offer you the chance to get to grips with the fly board on coastal waters rather than an inland lake.

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