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Cotswold Helicopter Tours

Fly over the famous ‘Wolds’ on a Cotswold helicopter tour! Often cited as being the most beautiful cluster of villages and towns in the country the Cotswolds will take on a whole new meaning when you get to see it all from the air on this luxury heli tour. Taking off from the Cotswold Airfield near Cirencester you will be touring the local area in either a Robinson or a Single Squirrel helicopter.  The spritely Robinson seats three plus the pilot whilst the sleek Single Squirrel carries up to five passengers. And both definitely look the part with leather seating and executive-style dark livery – just as any discerning VIP would like! So get comfy in your seat and prepare for take off. As you rise gracefully into the air you’ll be amazed how quickly you gain altitude. Before long you’ll be high above this Area of Outstanding Nature Beauty and you’ll be swooping over the picturesque countryside and wolds (which is the word for the gentle hillsides so typical of the Cotswolds). Our helicopter tour flight durations range from a five minute local buzz around to a full 20 minutes. During your tour you’ll easily be able to pick out the Cotswold villages and towns below as you watch out of the helicopter window. Depending on how long you’ve got you might see Chedworth with its famous 1700 year old Roman ‘stately home’ with mosaics water shrine and latrine as well as Cirencester itself and its famous amphitheatre. You may know these sights from the ground but looking at them from 1000ft up in the air takes on a whole new meaning. You certainly won’t be able to miss Cleeve Hill either the highest point of the Cotswolds at 330m above sea level or the escarpment often referred to as Cotswold Edge that runs the length and the breadth of this most charming corner of the Shires.  We think a Cotswold helicopter tour is the only way to see this wonderful melange of rolling countryside sleepy little hamlets and vibrant market towns. After all in the Cotswolds it’s all about history and heritage from Roman origins to the pastoral ways of life that make this unique area such a delight to discover from the superb ‘toy town’ viewpoint that only a tour in an executive helicopter can give you.

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