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Cryotherapy Treatments

Your chance to try cryotherapy! If you’ve never heard of cryotherapy treatment these packages offer a superb introduction to the cryotherapy chamber and the benefits that fans of cryotherapy extoll. It’s going to be chilly but it’s going to feel good!In essence cryotherapy is all about how your body reacts to being in cold temperatures. As you cool down your body’s natural defences kick in and it goes into boost mode with your body sending super-oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin. The increased blood flow and circulation helps flush toxins from your body and that means the three Rs: recover revitalise and rejuvenate.For your whole body cryotherapy treatment you will be using the latest Cryoair chamber. It’s like a walk in tanning booth except it’ll be filled with air cooled to around -85 degrees. And yes whilst that is pretty cold it’s a dry kind of cold. You’ll be wearing under garments and your extremities (feet hands and head) will be covered and face masks are available too. You’ll then walk in ready for your three-minute blast in the chamber.During that time the cold air cools your surface temperature rather than the body’s core and the reactions that we described earlier start to take place. And when you walk out of the cryotherapy chamber it’s a pretty amazing feeling as your body immediately feels rejuvenated with the rush of endorphins.On the full cryotherapy combination package you will also get a localised cryotherapy treatment that concentrates on one chosen area of your body. It could be a dodgy knee aching legs or bad back. The cool air is blown directly onto the concerned area for around 10 minutes with the aim of reducing pain and inflammation easing aches and promoting recovery. This one’s a particular favourite with sporting types.The cryo combo concludes with a deep tissue massage. This is a treatment to encourage lymphatic drainage and toxin release making it the perfect complement to the local and whole body cryotherapy treatments.The team of specialist therapists at this cryotherapy clinic at Sevenoaks in the heart of Kent will be carrying out your massage and hyper-cooling treatments that help healing overall health and performance. Fans of cryotherapy treatments also feel there are benefits towards the effects of ageing stress and illness. As one cryo fan said: €œThe second I was out I felt fantastic. My pain was gone and for the rest of the day I was full of energy€. Let’s see if it works for you!

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