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Design your own Fragrance for Men

Introducing Design Your Own Fragrance – for Men! Now it’s the turn of the boys to make your own cologne. These kits give you everything you need to create a distinctively masculine fragrance for men. They make for superb gifts and are especially popular at Christmas and for pre-wedding presents between the future married couple.Gone are the days when boys shaved and splashed on a strong aftershave (Brut or Old Spice anyone?!). With these custom-made fragrances for men you’ve got all the ingredients at your finger tips to create a bespoke fragrance that’s subtle and suited to you. The perfume company behind these Design Your Own Fragrance For Men kits has many years’ experience in designing scents and fragrances. They’ve worked hard to create blends (the basis for all perfumes) that guys will love. It’s these male-orientated blends that are provided for you in this make your own cologne at home pack. Let us explain a little bit more about blends.When it comes to the best perfumes for men it’s all about three layers of €˜notes’. The most popular base notes for a masculine scent are wood moss and amber. Then the top notes preferred by men include citrusy aromas with geranium bergamot and violet leaf all featuring. But the key to a bespoke men’s fragrance is the middle note referred to as the heart of the scent. This gives longevity and balance to your male cologne and includes fresh cool seashore-inspired tones such as neroli and tonic sport.Your male perfume kit includes six carefully chosen blends to reflect all these notes. Then it’s up to you just how you mix the blends and what quantities – and it’s this process that creates your very own bespoke fragrance for men. A perfumer’s role is a bit like a mixologist of the aromas as you trial and test your combinations until you get arrive at the one that’s just right for you. And there’s the simple beauty of this Design Your Own Fragrance For Men kit. It’s your chance to put your personality into a scent that you’ve created yourself for yourself. After all why should it just be the likes of David Beckham Jay-Z and Antonio Banderas who can have their own boys’ perfume?!

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