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Discover Photography Course

Follow the guidance of an award-winning photographer as you get to grips with that camera you’ve had for ages, and learn all about creating the perfect picture balance, the composition of your snaps and what an f/stop is with this Discovering Photography Course for one. When you first start out with a DSLR, Bridge or Advanced Compact Camera, all those settings and dials can be a little bit intimidating if all you’ve used before is a basic digital camera or your phone. Designed for beginners, this course is perfect for picking up all you need to know about lenses, depth of field, white balance and more so you can get out there and start taking some award-winning pictures of your own. You’ll take to the streets of London to learn the fundamentals of photography after a quick run-through the basics at your starting base, with your photographer leader taking the helm to take you through operating your camera in semi-automatic and manual modes. It’s a half-day course running until either 12.30 or 15.30 (depending on when you started with two courses a day), so you’ll also have plenty of afternoon time afterwards to put all your newfound skills to good use and take better photographs than ever before.

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