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Discover Photography London

Join a discover photography workshop in London and learn to love manual mode on your camera! So you’ve got a DSLR camera and you’re taking lovely shots in automatic or standard shooting mode but how come your images aren’t quite as striking as some you see online? This workshop will show how to capture impressive images in manual mode.Aimed at beginners this photography workshop held near Old Street in the capital will help you discover just what your camera can do. There’s a whole wealth of potential in a DSLR beyond the €˜point and shoot’ method we’re all so used to. An award-winning photographer will accompany you every step of the way as you explore your camera.In essence it’s all about selecting the correct exposure aperture shutter speed and ISO. Chances are you’ve heard of all these things but you’re not quite sure how to use them to maximum effect. The aperture can be thought of as the camera’s iris whilst the shutter speed is how quickly it opens and shuts with the ISO being the camera’s sensitivity to light. Learn how to adjust all of these factors and you’ll come up with some amazing images.Of course it’s not just about the mechanics of your camera. There’s also the question of composition. That’s to say capturing that creative angle and focal point that makes your image stand out from the rest. This sort of artistic eye is not easy to teach but your expert tutor will show you how to open your creative mind to add an extra zest to your picture taking.The setting for these workshops is sure to provide inspiration for your new-found manual photography skills. The Westland Place Studios is a vibrant hub for artists in the heart of London’s City. Home is a distinctive Victorian industrial warehouse building where a collective of sculptors painters ceramists designers and photographers work.You’ll spend around two and a half hours discovering photography during this workshop in London. By the end of your session you’ll feel perfectly confident turning off that automatic mode and slipping into manual to shoot some of the finest pictures you’ve ever taken. A highly recommended workshop in the capital for anyone with a digital SLR camera.

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