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DJ Experience

Have you ever wondered how good DJs create their distinctive style and keep on playing great music far into the night? This is you chance to discover their secrets and to find out about the glamorous world of DJs and music mixing! Your Learn to DJ experience will take place in professional studio suites. The venues have relaxed and creative atmosphere – not to mention a load of cool equipment and music on tap for you to use. You’ll be shown the ropes by in-house DJs and sound engineers who will be on hand to share their expertise and help you use the technology learn about DJ-ing techniques and master the special knowledge of mixing! As you practice your tune spinning beat matching and mixing skills they will ensure you get the most out of your studio time as you have the pleasure of dropping your favourite dance tracks in this professional environment with top-notch speakers and sound that won’t have the neighbours knocking on the door to complain. Following a practice session so you can get used to the decks and desk the studio engineer will help you record your mix. They’ll help with music selection and organising the recording. Then the engineer will apply some technical and editing magic to your work to ensure the best results from your mixing skills. As a memento of your day you will receive your very own CD to take home and play to your family and friends. Who knows if they love it you might want to come back and make some more recordings. This is a great experience perfect for complete beginners and music-lovers of all ages. You’ll quickly see why the music industry has become one of Britain’s biggest businesses with big-name DJs who fill clubs and sell oodles of records too.

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