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Doctor Who Cardiff Bus Tour

Explore 900 years of time and space on a Doctor Who Tour! No need for a TARDIS to see these Doctor Who filming locations you’ll have a sci-fi expert host and a mini coach to take you there. Spend three hours exploring Cardiff where the famed BBC TV series has been based since its reboot in 2005.Doctor Who is a massive part of Cardiff. The hit BBC show regularly films in and around Cardiff and many of the Welsh capital’s most famous landmarks have featured so as well being a fab insight for Doctor Who fans it’s also a great way to see all the best touristy and historical bits of Cardiff too albeit with a bit of a Time Lord twist!Christopher Eccleston was the first of the new generation Doctors with the relaunch followed by the likes of David Tennant Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. The idea that the Doctors can regenerate and re-incarnate means the time travel science fiction programme could in theory go on for ever and ever as long as they don’t run out of filming locations in Cardiff that is.Let’s start with St Mary’s Street home to the department where Rose Tyler worked which was supposed to be London but actually was filmed at House of Fraser at heart of Cardiff’s bustling shopping quarter. The area also served as the location of David Tennant’s debut scenes.Other big-hitter sights in Cardiff used in the Doctor Who series and featuring on this tour including Cardiff Castle and the National Museum of Wales which is perhaps best known for the epic 50th anniversary €˜Day of the Doctor’ cinema simulcast with Matt Smith David Tennant and John Hurt.Further afield you’ll tour the likes of Dyffryn Gardens a stunning country estate not far from Cardiff city centre that has played the role of both 18th Century France and the wild Scottish moorlands. Then there’s a visit to Amy Pond’s home village. This feisty Doctor’s assistant was played Karen Gillan and Leadworth was actually Llandaff – and the cathedral green there was where Matt Smith appeared as the 11th Doctor.Then there’s a walk around St Fagan’s the €˜real life’ Natural History Museum where you (and any budding time travelling Doctors) can see what life was like in Wales in the early 20th Century. And who could forget this is where Maisie Williams filmed her scenes too.These Doctor Who tours around Cardiff don’t forget the spin off shows either. See filming locations for The Sarah Jane Adventures and where the Torchwood HQ is at Roald Dahl Plass. And then there’s Ianto’s Shrine at Mermaid Quay. Who could forget that Torchwood: Children of Earth moment when Jack held a dying Iantos in his arms and pleaded: €˜Iantos don’t go. Don’t leave please. Please don’t’€¦but he’s gone. Gah!

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