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Double Flight Experience Coventry

Want an in-depth flight experience that shows you just what it’s like to pilot a light aircraft and packed full with loads of air time? Then hot-foot it to this Midlands-based flight centre where these extended flying lessons give you all the insider aviation knowledge. During your experience you will be treated to a real ‘insiders’ view of what happens at a flight school as you follow exactly the same process as someone starting out in the journey to become a fully qualified pilot. And yes if you do carry on this session will count in your pilot’s log book. ‘Hands on’ is definitely the word here as your instructor will make sure you are in control for as much of the flight as possible on this experience. Unique to this Midlands school these flying lessons let you taxi the aircraft out (and you may be surprised to know it’s done with your feet!) and actually take the plane onto the active runway ready for take off. In fact as long as you’re up for it and confident the only parts of this flight your highly experienced co-pilot instructor will handle are the actual take off and landing sequences. If you’ve really got a feel for this flying lark you will even be able to control the turn onto base leg and set up the approach to the runway prior to coming in to land. Truly thrilling and way beyond the usual trial flight experience. So where will you be flying during your lesson? Well it’s truly the Midlands-wide as although it’s called Coventry Airport you are actually just over the border in Warwickshire. And given that you will be in the air for around an hour you’ll get to see a whole lot of the Coventry and way beyond. But of course this flight experience isn’t just about the views from the cockpit. Based on two people sharing you will spend around 30 minutes up front in the hot seat honing your skills and when you’re not flying you will be observing all that’s going on from the rear seats of this four seater training aircraft. We think these flying lessons in the Midlands are the perfect choice for really getting to grips with what flying is all about. And as a little extra touch you can celebrate the end of your fascinating flight experience with a complimentary drink at The Oak public house at the entrance to the airfield – thought to be the unofficial officer’s mess when the airfield was an RAF fighter station in WW2.

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