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Drifting Adrenaline Academy

If you fancy flinging an MX-5 around get enrolled at this pro-drift academy and go drifting! Going fast in a straight line is great fun but sliding sideways around a bend at serious speed is just out of the world. It takes skill concentration and maybe a bit of beginner’s luck too. Let’s see if these classes at Birmingham Wheels and Brands Hatch get you drifting in style.Pro-drift’s academy training cars are MX-5s. Upgraded bits and bobs all over the car mean these little rear wheel sports cars are nothing like the ones you see cruising the High Street. Some wannabe drifters might live by the €˜get coilovers weld diff€¦and drift’ mantra but maintaining and running a drift car takes a lot of money and mechanical skill. Take the tyres alone. During a drift academy pro session they’re changed more often than you’ve had hot dinners. As for where you’ll be taking your first slides we’ve got pro-drifter academy sessions at Brands Hatch and Birmingham Wheels. Brands in Kent is a well-known racing circuits with drift training zones as well the as the main track. Birmingham Wheels is a unique urban venue originally designated by the local council as a €˜driving zone’ where youngsters could €˜let off steam’. It’s a fab set-up for practising high slip driving antics and brilliantly located right in the Heartlands area of Birmingham city centre. Your experience aims to teach you some of the base techniques of drifting with a mix of classroom and driving sessions. You generally start in a training pen so you can get a feel for the sensation of swinging the rear of the car out (that’s the oversteer bit). Then you’ll move on to mastering drifting stylishly round larger corners. And if we say hydraulic handbrake entries to you you might not know what means right now but by the end of these drift school experiences you will do!There’s just one thing to do before you graduate from your chosen pro-drifting academy – and that’s take a high speed passenger ride. These training cars are all pretty capable drifters but these cars are a in whole different league all together when driven by a drift expert. Be prepared to be whipped round the track in proper pro drifting style.

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