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Drifting Hertfordshire

Get the adrenaline pumping with a full-blown sideways sliding day of drifting! Bovingdon airfield circuit is our location for these thrilling drifting experiences in Hertfordshire where you’ll be taught just how to get a Mazda MX5 drifting in style. This place is a veritable drifting academy as it has been purpose-built to offer multiple drift experience circuits. Bovingdon’s tarmac runways are put to excellent use with sessions in specially prepped drifting cars. Indeed the MX5 is a little rear wheel drive pocket rocket and has been beefed up with roll cages limited slip differential coil overs and fancy Enkei alloys – a proper drift-making motor! You’ll start with getting a feel for oversteer. Then it’s all about breaking traction and balancing the car in a smooth rolling drift. Nice. A bit of tuition on weight-shifting to flick the car sideways and you’re on the road to cracking those transitional drift skills in the punchy MX5. If you opt for the Bronze drifting session in Bovingdon your experience gives you a total of 20 minutes out on the circuit. It’s all about power sliding those wide sweeping bends at a teeth-clenching 60mph or more whilst staying in third gear. Those with Silver vouchers take the drift training in Hertfordshire a step further by learning how to link those transitional turns even initiating early with a little hand brake entry or two to proper style it out. Anyone totally mad about drifting should go for Gold in Bovingdon. This gives 40 driving laps over the day starting by learning all the moves and having loads of seat time to be able to perfect all the basics before progressing. Here you’ll perform nice runs of handbrake turns and Scandi flicks using lift off oversteer weight transfer dynamics and hand brake entries all in the MX5. As you can probably tell from this write up this isn’t just ‘having a go’ at drifting. Bovingdon hosts proper drifting training sessions where you’ll learn lots about this motoring skill that’s almost as fun to watch as it is to actually perform. So a call to all petrol heads: get yourself down to Hertfordshire for a drift-busting day in an MX5. 

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