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Drifting Training Birmingham

Enrol at Drift School and learn how to go sliding round corners at flat out speeds! This Birmingham-based drift crew certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to getting a car going sideways as it’s one of the best places to do drifting in the whole of the Midlands. Originally built by the council as a ‘driving zone’ where local youngsters could ‘let off steam’ the venue is a brilliant set up for practising high slip driving antics and it’s right in the heart of the city. We have to say it’s a pretty unique place that’s perfect for drifting. Not bad for the city centre of Birmingham eh? We also love the fact that the team here is young passionate and full of fun. Each and every member of the team wants you to have fun when you take part in the drift school training programme. Safety briefings aren’t long drawn out affairs there is a whiteboard involved but you won’t be sitting for hours in front of it trying to work out the perfect arc. Your training is most definitely on the job in one of the schools rear wheel drive MX-5s. If you become a pupil in the fine art of drifting at this Birmingham school you’ll learn the basic concept of putting the car into a slide. You’ll also discover how to keep it going in that smooth very styled way using new-found steering and throttle skills. Everything from using your handbrake to counter steering are covered in these drift school sessions – so you’ll have all the basics covered. These drift school experiences in Birmingham are capable of turning perfectly law-abiding motorists into gnarly drifter girls and boys eager to get the rear end of that car swinging out with the smell of burning tyre rubber filling the air. Maybe these thrilling drifting experience workshops should carry one of those ‘don’t try this at home’ style warnings!

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