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Drone Flying Experience London

Looking for drone flying in London? This is where it all happens. These drone flying lessons take place at Theobalds Park just off J25 of the M25 – and it’s London’s first outdoor drone flying arena!What we love about these experiences is the fact that there are multiple modules to the day. It’s not just turning up and flying a drone this London-based team makes sure you get a fun and highly informative day out working with a variety of drones.First up is time on the drone simulator. You’ve got a real set of controls in your hands to fly a virtual drone on the high definition screens in front of you. A bit like a radio controlled car you may have used before it does take a little time to get to grips with the basic control moves so this is an excellent way to get started.Then you’ll move out the drone arena. This is a specially designed circuit with hoops and slaloms to test your new found piloting skills. As you weave in and out of the flags through the aerial hoops and loop back around you’ll soon appreciate how agile your Mavic Pro drone is.But of course aerial obstacle courses aren’t the only things drones are used for. Drones are superb for aerial videos and photos and that’s the next step in your drone course in London. You’ll be training with a Phantom 4 to hone your visual skills practicing videoing and photographing techniques from the air.Then comes the big one. The Inspire X5S series is the commercial drone of the moment for professionals. Providing incredible 5.2k-quality aerial footage this is the go to drone for producing images to impress. It’s also pretty nifty capable of flying at up to 70mph (handy for following a cheetah running across the Serengeti for example!). You’ll be using the Inspire to capture your own antics from the air as you get the drone up to 400ft to take footage of you your fellow drone lesson colleagues and spectators waving at the camera as a neat little memento of the day you took your drone lesson in London. Brilliant fun and open to those as young as eight it’s a superb day out for all.

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