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Drone Pilot Lessons

Learn how to fly a drone with one to one drone training in Doncaster! We are offering one and two-hour lessons to anyone who wants to become competent at flying an unmanned aerial vehicle. Whether you’ve already got a drone or have always fancied owning one these courses will set you on the right flight path to being an adept and confident drone pilot.These training sessions are organised and hosted by the UK’s only CAA approved helicopter and drone pilot training academy. As an official registered drone pilot training and assessment organisation they can take you from drone newbie to licensed pilot. These courses are designed to give you a taster of what the full course entails and if you do enrol the time you’ve spent counts in your log book.The great advantage of this Doncaster-based drone school is the fact they are experts in manned and unmanned aviation with several decades of experience clocked up in both. The company boss is a highly experienced heli pilot ably assisted by a specialist commercial drone pilot a documentary production manager and an ex-RAF turned drone flight assessor and pilot.As it’s offered on an individual basis all drone training is totally geared to you. Using a private airstrip just a few minutes’ drive from Doncaster Sheffield Airport it’s the perfect location for these courses. The aim is to get you comfortable in the role of drone pilot with a mix of hands-on and theory time within your private lesson. All training can be done using your own drone or with one of the school’s professional-standard Phantom 4 Pro Plus drones. Pretty much the go-to drone for commercial TV and film work they are so popular that when you see aerial footage on the telly the chances are it’s been filmed by a Phantom drone.So if you’re looking to get into commercial drone work (and for that you need a licence) or just curious to see what all this unmanned aerial vehicle talk is all about these drone training courses in Doncaster are a perfect introduction to drone flying. And of course if you’re hooked you can take it a whole lot further and go for your PfCO – that’s Permission for Commercial Operation licence – so you can work as a drone pilot in the UK.

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