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Exclusive Family Scottish City Tour

See the very best of Alba on these exclusive Scottish helicopter flights! We’ve got private helicopter charters all over Scotland so that you can fly over your favourite parts of the country on these family-orientated helicopter tours.Operated by executive helicopters like the Bell JetRanger there’s room for up to four of you in there so whether it’s a romantic trip for two or you want to take your whole family with you these Scottish charters are sure to wow everyone onboard. And kids are most welcome with the minimum age being six. Children under the age 12 need to be accompanied by a participating adult.As for where you can charter your helicopter from in Scotland we’ve collated five different locations for you. We’ve got exclusive tours out of Edinburgh Renfrew for Glasgow Stirling and Perth. And whilst it’s not in Scotland we are also offering flights out of Newcastle for Scots who want to explore the Borders around Kielderhead National Nature Reserve.Then there’s your flight path. Whilst the operators all have standard flight paths they use so passengers can see all the main local Scottish landmarks and sights there’s no reason why (within any local air traffic control limitations) you can’t fly where you want.All you have to remember is that you’ve got around a 15-20 minute flight slot. In that time you can actually get quite far from base covering a total of around 25-miles in that time. So imagine you and the family choose to take off from Perth on your exclusive Scottish helicopter tour. Swoop past Scone Palace and the medieval village before following the River Tay towards the Highlands or head the other way in the direction of Dundee catching glimpses of the Cairngorms as you go.Inchinnon helipad near Glasgow Airport is ideal for flying over the city in one direction and towards the lochs and mountains in the other. Stirling is a fine choice for families wanting to explore the gateway to Scotland’s many world-class golf courses and the lovely Orchil Hills. And of course no roster of exclusive Scottish helicopter flights would be complete without an Edinburgh option so you can get a bird’s eye view of the famous city the stunning bridges across the Firth of Forth and the far-reaching views towards the sea.

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