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Exclusive London Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for Two

Your London helicopter tour for two. This helicopter ride over London’s stellar skyline is the stuff of dreams. So whether it’s for that big proposal or just for the both of you to celebrate a special moment together these exclusive tours are very indulgent and very fantastic!These exclusive helicopter tours over London operate out of Stapleford Airport just inside the M25 in Essex. This operator has a fleet of helicopters with the very smart five seater Squirrel being the preferred choice for these exclusive two-person charters over London.After a meet and greet with your heli pilot it’s time to head out to the chopper. And when your host talks about a taxi out to the apron they mean it literally! A classic London black cab is on standby to ferry you both from base to your waiting chopper. It’s a brilliant way to start your personal London heli tour.Now you’re at the helicopter. Climb in get comfy next to each other and prepare yourself for the most spectacular tour of the capital – just for the two of you. The rotor blades start to turn and the trip you have been dreaming about for a long long time is becoming a reality. As you lift off gently you then head in a south easterly direction towards the centre of London.From your privileged vantage point in the chopper you get great views. You can easily spot all those famous landmark buildings monuments and historic sights. But as well as the tourist hotspots it’s also a fascinating look at bustling London’s everyday life. Fly in between the cranes building the next fancy hotel or office block. Watch the trains snake their way through the city. See the lines of red buses and black cabs heading over the bridges. Everything that is so ordinary is just so mesmerising from the air.This is your personal London helicopter tour for two and it’s your very own portrait of London for the pair of you. London’s the stage and we maybe merely players but for this very special chopper ride you are the stars. After your flight you’ll share a bottle of bubbly to toast the day you both saw London from the air in an executive heli chartered just for you two.

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