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Exclusive & Romantic Balloon Trips for Two

If you’re looking for the ultimate in ballooning  these hot air balloon rides for two are just the ticket as you will enjoy an exclusive flight in a balloon just for the two you. Surely there can be nothing more romantic than that? Maybe you’re thinking of popping the big question perhaps you have a very special anniversary to celebrate or you want to club together to send a couple you love on a superb flight in a hot air balloon? Whatever the occasion it’s sure to be a case of love in the air as the two of you float gracefully in the skies. Flights take place in the mornings during the week. Expect an early start though as sunrise is the best time to catch the optimal meteorological conditions but don’t worry your bleary early morning eyes will soon be wide open at the incredible views you’ll enjoy from the basket of your hot air balloon.  The two of you will be amazed by the silence of the flight. Yes the burners are hot and loud but most of the time you are in a mesmerising silence – ideal if you’ve got something important to say! Look over the edge of the hot air basket if you dare (during these rides you’ll be anything up to 3000ft off the ground after all!) and you lucky two will be able to see the mist giving way to the morning sunshine witnessing the world waking up whilst you drift slowly and surely by. It’s almost a dreamlike floatation with a feeling of weightlessness. It’s all very stable too as you’re moving with the air so there’s no sensation of wind. Hear the birdsong listen to dogs barking and even make out the voices from people below.  Everyone loves spotting a hot air balloon in flight so you two can expect plenty of waves as you float past! With a pilot and just two people on the passenger list these hot air balloon rides are truly superb. Intimate and romantic thrilling and breathtaking there can really be no better way to celebrate. Just imagine the look on the faces of your loved ones if you’ve organised this as a surprise. Imagine turning up on the morning of the flight and watching their faces as the reality of what they are about to do unfolds.   Once you’ve got over the initial surprise you are sure to want to assist with the inflating the balloon which in itself is pretty impressive. The feather-light fabric billows with the force of the air and slowly but surely the balloon starts to take shape. With the basket standing upright it’s time to hop in. Take your beloved by the hand and climb in. On our hot air balloon rides for two you will be in the sky for around an hour and on landing the bubbly is opened and friends and family are sure to be waiting to help you lucky pair celebrate your fabulous hot air balloon experience. Into the Blue also offers alternative hot air balloon rides from UK-wide balloon launch sites. 

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