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Extreme Stunt Driving

Rev the engines and pull off some classic motoring tricks when you learn to stunt drive in the UK! You’ll be taught all the classic moves you can perform in a stunt car by expert instructors at your choice between two specialist stunt schools in the UK. When it comes to doing stunts in a car who hasn’t wanted to be a stuntman or stuntwoman at some point? All those thrilling car chases the screeching tyres and the spinning – a truly adrenaline packed day out.For any car fan in the UK being taught what driving a stunt car entails is bound to be the sort of thing you’ve always dreamed of doing but it’s a case of ‘don’t try this at home’ and especially not in your own vehicle. That’s where this action-packed day filled with stunt moves comes in. You’ll be using specially prepped cars capable of gravity-defying spins and slides practising some spectacular freestyle motoring capers without worrying about traffic on the road.Established in 1965 this friendly family-owned business boasts a fleet of stunt-ready cars along with a team of staff that includes regular motorsport competitors. In fact chief stunt driving instructor Alastair is not only nine times UK Autotest Champion but has also trained David Coulthard in the art of high-speed parallel parking one of the skills that always gets the crowds going.The itinerary at each of these UK venues is the same for your stunt drive. First up is that good old staple; the handbrake turn. Then you’ll be trying 360 spins and even building up to parallel slides into tight car parking spaces all at a speed that will get your heartbeat racing almost as fast as the car’s engine. Next you’ll have the chance to perfect those very snazzy J-turns. And you’ll even learn the very special stunt car feat of driving a vehicle on not four but two wheels – just like they do in Hollywood action movies but in the UK! Stunt driving is brilliant fun for all ages – just don’t be tempted to replicate your new stunt drive skills in your family hatchback on public roads!

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