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F1 Powerboat Ride Experience

Belt up lid on – you’re going on an awesome F1 powerboat ride! Fast noisy and very very thrilling these passenger rides are the ultimate boat ride.  Forget a gentle cruise on the rippling water this is all about racing speeds and full g-force turns.Let us introduce you to Gordon Cook. He’s a powerboat pilot. He had the ever so slightly crazy idea of offering rides in a two seater F1 powerboat. So he took boats designed and built by legendary race boat builder David Burgess and turned them into side-by-side two seat racing boats to take passengers. And as you might imagine the result of all that nautical know how is really quite impressive.We’re talking speeds of up to 100mph as you skim the surface of the water. The very specific design of these Formula 1 boats gives them what’s called a €˜tunnel hull’ which means they turn on a dime. And with that kind of cornering prowess comes massive amounts of g-force.Inside the cockpit of these speedy boats it’s somewhat cosy to say the least. Mind you we’d sooner be wedged in there nice and snug rather than being buffeted about all over the shop when you reach the sort of speeds you’ll be going at. And the person sitting next to you with the full face helmet and the F1-style race suit? That’s Gordon. He’s like the Stig of the water. He might not say much when you’re powering your way around the F1 circuit racing course marked out by buoys. But then again that might be because you wouldn’t have a hope of hearing his powerboat racing anecdotes (and they say once he gets going he does have lots to tell) with the cacophony of noise as you launch off and bounce along the water.What Gordon and his skilled team of powerboat racing operatives aim to do with these racing boat experiences is to give you a little taste of what it’s like as F1 race boat pilot. Indeed they accompany the UIM (that’s Union Internationale Motonautique) F2 World Championship series around the world showcasing their two seater boat promoting the series and offering high thrills passenger rides.

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