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F16 Fighter Pilot Yorkshire

Thunderbirds are most definitely go when you pilot this F16 flight simulator! The fighting falcon is one of the most famous fighter jets ever and over 4500 of them have been soaring through the world’s skies in defence roles since the first F16 flew in 1974. This experience gives you the chance to get a feel of what being an ace fighter pilot is all about. On arrival at the rather innocuous industrial building just outside Horbury just west of Wakefield you’d never know that inside daily aerial battles are being fought in the F16 flight sim taking on missions and challenges in every corner of the globe – all without leaving the ground. The General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) F16 Block 52 is a formidable force in the air and this fixed-base simulator is as realistic as it gets. And believe us it starts as it means to go on when you are strapped into the mock ejector seat that is then slid forwards into position into the centre of the cockpit. And to say it’s snug is an understatement. You really are at the sharp end in the nose of the F16 and it’s just you up there in the fully enclosed cockpit. It’s time to concentrate and get down to business€¦ The first thing you’ll notice about the viper (as it’s known in USAF fighter pilot circles) is that is has a side-mounted rather than centrally located control stick. This sim is a faithful replica and has an actual F16 control stick rudder pedals and throttle. There’s even a fully working head up display (HUD) just like you see in those great dog fight sequences in the films. As for your flight mission well that’s up to you. Maybe you’ve always fancied trying out the tricky manoeuvre of air-to-air refuelling (AAR) where you fly to the boom of a aircraft tanker to take on more fuel mid-flight? Or how about practicing landing your F16 on aircraft carriers as they hold station in a choppy ocean miles and miles off shore? If you think no simulator experience would be complete without a little bit of aerial combat with an enemy aircraft in your airspace that can easily be arranged as can a air to ground bombing raid. Whichever challenges or missions you choose to tackle as pilot of this F16 flight simulator you are sure to feel totally and utterly immersed in the whole thing. Inside that compact fighter jet cockpit it’s intense. You need to keep your wits about you and keep and eye on what’s happening all around you on that 180 degree FIV HD projector system to make sure you’re always poised to take on anything or anyone that could compromise you and your viper…

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