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F35 Combat Simulator Suffolk

Book a slot on the F-35 simulator and try your hand at stealth multi-role fighter flying! This is your chance to fly the incredible Lockheed Martin Lightning – without leaving the ground. We are offering 60-minute sessions in the simulator giving you plenty of time to get your combat fighter wings. This F-35 sim experience is hosted by a specialist simulator company based in Mildenhall the Suffolk town that’s synonymous with military having been an RAF base for years and home to the USAF until 2024. Everyone involved in the running of these state-of-the-art simulators is an expert in flight and flight control with many years’ experience in the RAF. They are amazing machines that offer extremely realistic experiences. Indeed you’ll get a real insight into what being a F-35 pilot is like. And this simulator is actually based on the F-35B variant of the Lightning that Lockheed Martin adapted for STOVL (that’s Short Take Off & Vertical Landing). That means this jet fighter can take off on very short runways (like aircraft carriers) and execute vertical landings on them too. What’s more it’s destined to be the primary attack aircraft for the next three decades for the RAF. So the F-35 certainly has credentials. It’s a formidable example of modern aviation capable of electronic warfare conducting air to surface missions and intelligence gathering in all environments including the most hostile. This simulator version of the F-35 is one of a kind – and the only one we know of in the whole country that offers experiences to us civilians. During your 60-minute F-35 simulator session you will experience the incredible power technology and capabilities of this outstanding Lockheed Martin fighter plane. It might be a mid-air refuelling mission a return to base which happens to be an aircraft in the Pacific or a bit of intel-gathering over hostile skies that’ll you be commanding from the rather snug pilot’s seat. It’s thrilling stuff and you’ll be in excellent hands for the duration of your simulated flight.

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