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Falconry in Northumberland

Sink your claws into our exclusive falconry days in Northumberland at this centre that is not normally open to the public. Spend time working with handling photographing and admiring this collection of stunning birds who live in this unspoilt windswept corner of the country. See these magnificent creatures up close as they perch on your gloved hand and capture them on film swooping gliding and diving gracefully over the open fields. All half and full falconry days and owl experiences take place at the family-run Northumberland centre just outside the village of Wark where you’ll receive expert tuition and guidance for dealing with the full range of birds on display. If you opt for the owl experience you will spend a fascinating couple of hours learning all about and handling owls from all different corners of the globe. On the falconry days all sessions start with an introduction to the clawed creatures themselves from hawks and falcons to vultures and eagles €“ you’ll be introduced to them all in preparation for working with them later on. Then you’ll be shown the basic skills of a falconer €“ how to pick up the birds weigh them and handle them. You’ll discover the names and purposes of various pieces of equipment such as jesses gauntlets lures and anklets and the experienced Northumberland instructors will show you how falconer’s deftly tie the all-important quick-release hitch knot that securely fastens the bird to your wrist or post. Your falconry experience then progresses to flying the birds. This time you’ll be in control with the falconry tutors watching so you can experience the full power and might of these wonderful winged delights watching them soar magnificently through the dramatic Northumberland skies before returning to your hand ready to pose for those unbeatable up-close snapshots. Your falconry day ends with a hawk walk where you can take one of the centre’s hawks for a relaxed meander in the woods and fields nearby letting them fly free through the trees. If you opt for Northumberland’s full-day falconry course you’ll get extra precious time with the birds able to witness them in all their airborne and perching glory time and time again. Don’t forget this falconry centre is by appointment only and they don’t do display days here so your experience will be a completely individual affair. Let someone special know they’re top of the pecking order with our falconry days at Northumberland and give them the chance to enjoy a few unforgettable hours of feathered fun with the resident owls or raptors.

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