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Fighter Jet Simulator

Although it’s a simulator this fighter jet experience in Yorkshire is the real deal and one of the best in the UK! With a once-operational air force Phantom F4 cockpit being used you will feel like a proper jet fighter pilot – especially as the high-tech simulator module is mounted on a hydraulic motion platform so you will move like a fighter jet and sound like one too! This top of the range fighter jet simulator experience offers day and night vision (ideal for top secret flights over the UK) as well as plethora of exciting missions such as landing and taking off from a aircraft carrier in the sea or touch and go manoeuvres at military airbases all accompanied by the sounds and motions of flying a real fighter jet plane. The Mach 2.0 McDonnell Douglas-designed F4 Phantom is one of the most famous fighter jets in the UK and worldwide and this Ferranti Systems simulator has trained many an RAF pilot. The cockpit is the genuine article right down to the Martin Baker ejector seats and for your fighter jet experience you’ll even have the opportunity to try on genuine RAF fighter jet pilot uniforms complete with Mae West life preserver and ‘bone dome’ flying helmet – impressive stuff! We are offering a range of fighter jet experiences for you to choose from. All sessions start with a sign in and meeting your pilot instructor who knows every nook and cranny of this feisty military jet. But don’t forget you will be the one in the hot seat so don’t be put off by all the lights knobs and dials you’ve got a seriously hefty yet agile jet to get airborne and land again! All fighter jet experiences we offer include a full 25 minute pre-flight briefing and you can choose 20 40 or 60 minutes of flying time whilst the Dads and Lads experience offers 30 minutes of fighter jet sim action to each of you to give that extra competitive edge to your flying performance. If you know someone who is hooked on flight simulator computer games then they will absolutely love this fully hydraulic simulated fighter jet experience. Don’t forget to check out the other simulators IntotheBlue¬†have to offer¬†on our main flight simulators page.

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