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Flight Simulator Bristol

Chocks away for your session in a flight simulator in Bristol! This flying club hosts not one but two different simulators for you to choose from so whether it’s a single engine light aircraft or a jet engined aircraft you fancy piloting this is the place to come to in the South West. The location for your experience is the main office of this flight club near Bristol. Situated just next to Bristol (Lulsgate) Airport in a converted schoolhouse all those high ceilings means there’s no head-height hassles when it comes to fitting these two rather impressive simulators set ups! Between them this duo of sims at this Bristol base offers pretty much every option you’d need for simulated flight. There’s a fixed base set up which resembles the cockpit of a single (piston) engined aircraft then there’s the jet engine simulator that is full motion. That means it moves every which way to replicate every bump jostle and climb you’d expect to encounter in a real aircraft. And of course not being real means the pressure’s off and it doesn’t matter if you overshoot the runway in Hong Kong or you mess up taxi back on to stand it’s all part of the fun of learning what it’s like to be a pilot of a real light aircraft or jet. We are offering 30 and 60 minute sessions on the fixed flight simulator here in Bristol and 15 or 30 minutes in the full motion state of the art Jet Sim Gyro 1. In all cases you’ll have a welcome safety briefing along with time to be shown the main controls in the cockpit before you head off into your virtual sky in your virtually real plane.

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