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Flight Simulator Training Essex

Book your flight simulator slot in Essex! Located within the flight training school at Earls Colne airfield this simulator is ready and waiting to give you that flying feeling without ever leaving the ground.We are offering a 60-minute session in the sim. You’ll be accompanied by one of the school’s instructor pilots who will show you how everything works. And although the simulator is fixed base all the controls are just as you’d find in an actual light aircraft.The set-up is based on a Robin HR200. This low-wing two-seater is the plane of choice at this airfield and there are a fair few of them in the fleet used for actual flight training so it makes total sense to have one as a simulator too. It’s usually used to assist pilots who want to pass their night flying and IMC (Instrument meteorological conditions) ratings as the simulator is an excellent means of practicing the skills needed.For you it’s all about getting your first taste of flying solo. It’s you who will be sitting in the captain’s seat whilst your instructor will be alongside you. The idea is that you are in control all the time from taxiing to the runway and take off to nailing that tricky landing. It’s not as easy as it looks so prepare yourself for maximum concentration as you try and get those wheels down!As for where you’ll be going on your simulator flight in Essex it’s up to you! In an hour you can fly a full sector quite easily. One of the most popular options is a low-level flight over London taking in the sights as you follow the Thames. You can also add in extra little challenges like a spot of bad weather a notoriously hairy approach or even an aircraft malfunction.So if you fancy honing your piloting skills in a flight simulator this Essex school offers a neat little set up with a full cockpit mock-up. What’s more it’s based at a busy general aviation airfield where there’s always a lot going on making it ideal for aviation fans. And you can invite up to two friends or family to join you on the day and watch your progress in the sim.

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