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Flight Simulators Perth

OK headset on pre-flight checks done you’re cleared for take off and chocks away€¦wait a minute we’ve not even left the ground yet we’re flying? And that’s because you’re on a flight simulator experience in Perth Scotland! This flight simulator is at Perth Airport the main base for one of Scotland’s leading flight training organisations. The one they have at this Scottish centre is generic so they can be adapted to be representative of single engine aircraft multi-engine planes and even small jets. Your flight simulator experience allows you to choose from a Beech 200 a Piper Seneca or the Citation II Jet – all of which are thrilling planes to fly especially when it’s your first time! Being based at Perth Airport these flight simulators are regularly used by student pilots in particular those who are wanting to clock up training hours for what they call rating conversions. That’s plane speak for training to get a licence to be able to fly different types of planes in different conditions. The most popular form of training is IR (instrument rating) for flying at night. Pilots can practice practice practice on the flight simulator to get experience before heading out into the skies above Scotland to do the same exercise for real. And the hours spent in the sim count as the machine is CAA flight training approved as a FNPT II (Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer) so it’s the ‘real deal’ without even moving! So what is it like? Well the self-contained set up has a cut up cockpit-type construction with large screens covering the three sides. Behind the pilot and co-pilots seats is the instructor station where the operator can keep an eye on the action and simulate different flying conditions say a hail storm over Scotland or an engine stall and recovery scenario. Throughout the experience you will be in the pilot’s seat of the flight simulator. Scotland’s finest CAA registered flight instructors will be sitting beside you to show you the ropes so you can really make the most of your flight time. We think a 30 40 or 60 minute experience in the flight simulator at Perth is a great way to discover the joys of flying where you can test out tricky conditions with no fear! 

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