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Flight Training Simulator Hampshire

Book a slot on the Ikarus C42 simulator at Popham Airfield in Hampshire! This is the world’s only Comco Ikarus C42 simulator so this is a totally unique experience giving you the chance to virtually fly an Ikarus aircraft for an hour.This flight simulator is an integral part of flight training at this school in Hampshire. Based at the well-equipped and maintained Popham Airfield the simulator is ready to board seven days a week 363 days a year. It’s used by student pilots as part of their training by qualified pilots for refreshers and by you the budding experience day pilot!What makes this sim stand out is that fact that it was developed by the training school with the full co-operation and endorsement of Comco the German aeronautical company that designs builds and sells the Ikarus C42. And indeed Comco has provided the flight dynamics for this pretty special Ikarus simulator.The creators have done a great job recreating the look and feel of flying. Set up in it’s own training room at Popham Airfield the simulator is the complete front end of an Ikarus with fully integrated flight controls and systems. Strategically placed in front of the aircrafts nose are the triple high definition screens that project those highly realistic flight images. The graphics are all super accurate right down to the small detail of any airfield – and even the fuselage livery matches the actual Ikarus aircraft based at the school.One of the key advantages of this Ikarus simulator is that it is full motion. That’s to say the cockpit sits on hydraulic €˜legs’ and moves as you control the aircraft in your virtual sky making it a completely authentic experience. Add to that a very realistic soundtrack (the virtual Ikarus sounds just like the real thing) and you’ll feel totally immersed in the world of ultra light aviation.And as this Ikarus simulator is at a flight training school that uses real Ikarus aircraft for lessons it’s most definitely a case of blurred lines with the pilot’s knowing the real thing just as well as the virtual version. Book your one hour sim session at Popham and get virtually flying in the world’s only Ikarus simulator!

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