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Flyboarding Chepstow

Go flyboarding in Chepstow at the fabulous National Diving and Activity Centre! This is a great place to have a go at the crazy sport of flyboarding. If you’ve always wondered what it’d be like to €˜walk on water’ this is as close as it gets – and it’s as totally exhilarating as you’d imagine! Flyboarding for the uninitiated is you strapped onto a small board that resembles a skateboard. A hose is attached to a jetski that’s out on the water next to you. This provides the power to get the water propelled from outlets on the board – and that’s what gets you €˜flying’ in the air. First time flyboarders often describe it as Iron Man meets dolphin!It’ll take a few goes for you to feel the balance and get used to being forced up and out of the water by the jet sprays so there’s no avoiding getting wet for this experience. Before heading out you will have an on-land briefing so you know what to expect. Once out on the water you’ll work through the three separate stages of getting up and out of the water.What’s great about this Chepstow experience is that all flyboarding lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis so you can really progress quickly with your instructor right next you on the jetski to encourage and coach you. Before long you’ll be getting high enough in the air to wave to your friends and family watching from The View cafe’s terrace. And if you really take to it like a duck to water (€˜scuse the pun!) you might be up for trying a few dolphin dives – the signature move of flyboarders.We have to say the azure blue waters of this former quarry make for a unique place to try flyboarding in Chepstow and it boasts not only great facilities for visitors but also a friendly an enthusiastic welcome from the flyboard team. All the gear is provided for you including a buoyancy aid so you don’t even have to be a brilliant swimmer for these thrilling flyboard experiences.

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