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Flyboarding Experience

Try Flyboarding – we guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it on the water! If you’ve done the rest this latest high adrenaline flyboarding watersport to hit the UK certainly reaches the spot as you experience flying in and out of the water like some jet-propelled robot on a board. As Jason from the Gadget Show puts it €œit’s like Iron Man made real!€ Yes thanks to clever little jet packs the stuff of science fiction has now been realised with flyboarding! The Flyboard is a water propelled jet pack giving you the ability to dive in and travel forward in the water before leaping out to fly across the surface. It’s really quite unusual and absurd yet has a fantastically simple design behind it. A jetski connected with a 10 metre flexible hose pumps high pressure water to nozzles on your hands and feet. This is enough to have you soaring to over 30 feet for a commanding view over the lake. We think you’ll love being part of the first wave of flyboarding pioneers in the UK with these introductory and extended experiences. So your feet are attached to €˜thrusting’ tubes while the ones on your wrists stabilise your movement to give you precision control. With practice there is an array of flyboarding acrobatics you can perform in your jet suit such as backflips dives spins and twists. The most spectacular (and hardest) trick to perform is €˜the Dolphin manoeuvre’ which has you skimming in and out of the water just like our marine friends. These flyboarding experiences give you 30 minutes with this futuristic device. This crazy UK-based flyboarding activity is offered at a choice of locations and we think it’s an exciting and fun packed experience that anyone into watersports or gadgets (or both!) will love.

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