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Flyboarding Newquay

Try a new way to ride the waves in Cornwall when you go flyboarding in Newquay! These 30-minute sessions are totally geared towards to beginners to get you up and flying out of the water like a pro flyboarder.This Cornish flyboarding set up operates out of Newquay Harbour. The location here is superb with stunning bays and beaches all around. You’ll be heading out to a secluded part of the harbour for your experience ready to ride the flyboard above those azure blue waters we love in Cornwall.The way it works it pretty straightforward. The flyboard is attached to a big hose which itself is attached to a jetski out on the water with you. This provides the water at pressure up and into the flyboard to then be sprayed out by the board’s jets. It’s these directional jets of water that lift you out of the water.You start in the water wearing watersport boots that are strapped into bindings on the board. As soon as the water flow is strong enough you’ll be lifted like magic out of the water and vertically into the air. It’s the maddest feeling ever. And whilst you’re being elevated out of the water you’re sure to be flapping your arms around a bit as you try and get your balance.It might take a few launches to get you airborne but this Newquay team reckons most flyboarders get up out of the water within about 10-minutes. After that it’s all about practice and getting the feel of moving in the air with the water jettisoning under your feet. If you get the knack of it straight away you might even be up for trying a spin or even a dolphin dive move. Nail that on your first go at flyboarding in Newquay and you’ll be hailed a hero!All flyboarding experiences in Cornwall are offered with one-to-one tuition so you’ll have the undivided attention of your instructor whilst you’re out on the flyboard. All the gear you need to get started is included too so all that remains for you to do is get on down to Newquay and prepare yourself to fly!

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