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Flyboarding Scotland

Step into those water jet pack boots and go flyboarding in Scotland! This Scottish flyboarding centre is based on the lovely Auchenreoch Loch in the heart of Dumfries & Galloway. It’s all pretty picturesque but you’re not here to stand on the bankside gazing out you’re here to flyboard!It has to be said you have to be a wee bit mad to flyboard. You step into a pair of stiff boots that are attached to a board which is powered by water that jets out from under your feet. A handy jet ski out on the loch with you pumps the water up through the flexible hose you’re attached to. Sounds too far out to be true? Time to head to Dumfries to check it out for yourself if you dare.Operating alongside jet skis inflatable rides fisher folk and fascinated diners sitting out on the terrace of the lakeside Loch Inn flyboarding is most definitely the star attraction at Auchenreoch. The loch covers a good 100 acres so there’s plenty of room for the flyboarders and the other water users to play.The team that runs this Scottish flyboarding set up prides itself on succeeding to get pretty much every total beginner who comes along up and €˜flying’ by the end of their lesson. Sure it’s going to be a wobbly and wet start but the exhilaration of rising into the air above the water and keeping it steady is unmeasurable.And it’s not just beginners who have fun here. The UK’s only pro-flyboarder Sonnie €˜backflip’ Bean trains here. He’s a local load from Crocketford so don’t be surprised if you see some fancy pants flyboarder doing backflips and spins out there.Easily accessible from Dumfries (it’s just a 15 minute drive west on the A75) this is a great place to give the crazy watersport of flyboarding in Scotland a go. Facilities are good with the lovely waterside decking area of the Inn perfect for friends and family to spectate from. Of course it’s not easy to get your balance and get up there whizzing over those cool Scottish waters but when you do it’s a brilliant feeling. Strap those jet boots on and get into the loch!

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