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Flyers Choice

Reach for the skies with these flying vouchers! A Flyers Choice Token gives you the chance to get airborne with a huge range of flying gift experiences. From a hands on lesson where you take control to scenic sightseeing flights we’ve got loads of different ways for you to head up up and away into the blue blue sky. Ever since time began us humans have been fascinated by flight. These gifts bring all those aeronautical ambitions to life in one simple voucher. The way it works it easy. Flying voucher holders browse our flying experiences and make a straight swap online or you can use the value of the voucher towards a more expensive activity and top up the extra. What’s more lucky wannabe aviators get to choose just which aircraft to fly in. It could be soaring above the rolling hills in a glider getting whirly in a helicopter feeling the wind in your face on an open-cockpit microlight flight or floating serenely over that glorious patchwork of fields in a hot air balloon. You don’t even have to leave the ground to get those high-flying sensations. Simulator experiences are some of our most popular flying presents where you get to sit in the captain’s seat and be at the helm of anything from a military plane to a large commercial airliner. And you get to fly the magnificent machine pretty much wherever you want as this is the virtual world of flying after all. It’s also true to say that we have one of the most comprehensive collection of flying gifts out there. We’ve got flying schools located at airfields and aerodromes around the country so no-one will have to travel very far for their aerial adventure. And there are lots of options for flight durations as well whether you dip your toe in with a 10 minute heli hover or go for the pack of lessons on the road to becoming a qualified pilot – Ray Ban aviator shades and all! Our flying vouchers are available to buy online in £50 £100 and £150 amounts. Don’t forget they are all totally flexible and can actually be put towards any IntotheBlue experience day. 

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