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Flying Lessons Bedfordshire

Here’s a full roster of flying lessons in Bedfordshire for you! Taking off from Sackville Farm Airfield just north of Bedford in an ultra light aircraft you can stay local fly away or land away – the choice is yours.This Bedfordshire flying school prides itself of offering bespoke training and air experiences. For those seeking their first taste of flying in a light aircraft we have the 20 and 60 minute flight vouchers. Those times include a pre-flight briefing in the ground school classroom so you can meet your instructor and discuss what will be happening on your flight experience.Heading up this Bedfordshire team is the highly experienced Adrian Williams. He’s flown twin single and ultra light aircraft for several decades and in pretty much every corner of the globe. He absolutely loves flying light sport aircraft. And as he says nothing can beat the Flight Design CT2K for its agility visibility high cruise speed and long flight range. You can fly 1 000 miles non stop in one these things which means you could depart from Sackville and easily fly to the continent without having to refuel.That’s why the two hour and half day flying lesson experiences at this Bedfordshire school are highly recommended. For those on the two-hour flights you will sit down and discuss with Adrian to work out where you’d like to go. It might be that you’ve always fancied flying over your house or you’d love to look down on historic Old Warden or maybe even head as far afield as Leicester Nottingham or across to Enstone.Spending a half day with the Sackville Farm Airfield team gives you a €˜land away’ experience which is where you depart Sackville to fly and land at another airfield. There’s always time to stop off at the aerodrome cafe for a cuppa before heading back to base. You and your pilot instructor will come up with a plan together. Many who go on a Bedfordshire flight experience choose to go somewhere like Duxford or Kemble where entrance to the museums on site there can be included for you which we think is a really nice touch.And don’t forget these are flying lessons in Bedfordshire so opportunities hands-on flying in the Flight Design ultra light is maximised giving you plenty of time to marvel at yourself being the one actually flying the aircraft. Of course if you prefer to take in the views and take pictures instead they’ll be the ones doing the flying while you do the snapping!

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