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Flying Lessons Bournemouth

Try flying in Bournemouth and take your first foray into the skies over the beautiful coastline of Dorset and beyond! We have a whole range of lessons for you to choose from all taken in modern trainer aircraft that are owned operated and maintained by this active flying centre.  Based at Aviation Park West on the large Bournemouth International Airport site this school is unique in that it boasts its own refuelling facilities which means fewer delays for you in the tarmac as the turnaround is a lot faster. Being a busy airport with lots of scheduled and charter air traffic you will be learning to fly in Class D airspace above the blues skies of Bournemouth and the surrounding areas so it’s full on exciting and with lots to look at. All flight path itineraries are pre-planned although they may be subject to change due to the weather or air traffic control requests and regulations. Generally speaking light aircraft take off and head towards the coast before orientating towards Sandbanks and Poole harbour. Depending on the length of lesson you’ll be having you will see some of the finest sights of Devon and Dorset from the amazing vantage point of the cockpit several thousand feet above the ground. The plane used for this experience is the Cessna Reims F-150. The Piper is a low-winged piston-powered aeroplane that is operated on four seater experiences with the pilot and student sitting side by side in the cockpit. No matter which duration you choose all flight times are based on brakes off to brakes on so includes taxiing take off and landing. On all experiences you will have a pre-flight safety briefing a walk around the plane and a chat about how the aircraft flies and the effect of the controls used. Once you have reached level flight you be invited to take control – a thrilling ‘first’ moment that even the most seasoned commercial pilots still fondly remember! If you fancy landaway flying in Bournemouth you will take off as normal from Bournemouth International Airport and head to another local aerodrome around 20 to 25 minutes away. Here you’ll land head to the clubhouse for a cuppa and a chat before enjoying another take off as you fly back to Bournemouth so you experience two take off and two landings in one flight out!

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