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Flying Lessons Durham Tees Valley Airport

Spread your wings and head into the skies over County Durham with this huge range of flights from Durham Tees Valley airport! Many tentative pilots have been trained by Eden Flight Training to become confident pilots who have gone on to join the RAF fly commercially or just enjoy flying light aircraft as a hobby. Based at Durham Tees Valley airport which was formerly known as Teesside International Airport this friendly flying school offers flights in two seater aircraft and four seater aircraft. Training takes place throughout the year so there is plenty of time to book in for your lesson.The Senior Flying Instructor based at this Durham Tees Valley flying school is Captain Mark Lee. He’s a working commercial pilot who drives those big jets but he also absolutely loves taking newbies up for their first flying lessons out of Durham Tees. He’s joined by the likes of Benjamin Salvador Melanie and Si who are all equally passionate when it comes to flying.Indeed not only is Eden the only CAA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) at Durham Tees Valley it’s also the only one in the whole of the North East so you’re going to be in very capable hands for your flight training. Patience enthusiasm and putting the student at ease in the cockpit before their flight is a given here at Durham Tees!As for the planes it’ll be a Piper Tomahawk or Warrior. Statistically more budding pilots have passed their flight training exams in a Piper than any other model of plane not just in the Durham Tees area but worldwide! That’s why this flight training centre has chosen the reliable robust Pipers for the training programme. As well as the two seater Tomahawk aircraft there’s also the Warrior which has two rear seats so you can invite a friend to join you on your inaugural lesson. The sound proofing and car-like interior of this plane is often loved and appreciated by those who have never flown in a light aircraft before as it feels very stable and more comfortable than most imagine.Before getting airborne on these flights from Durham Tees Valley your flight training commences on the ground with a safety briefing. Once the basic principles of flight and the controls have been explained to you it’s time to plan the route. Only then are you ready to head out onto the tarmac to enjoy a your lesson flying over the picturesque county of Durham.

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