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Flying Lessons Essex

Cruise over the coastline on these thrilling Flying Lessons In Essex! This family run school occupies an enviable position just yards from the beach at Clacton on Sea so when you take off you will have the amazing viewpoint of the sea on one side and countryside on the other. As well as its rather unique geographical position the club actually owns Clacton Airfield so there’s no jostling for slots with commercial traffic or other flying clubs and that in turn means very little waiting time and there are no landing fees here either. The team at Clacton is very proud of it’s Flying School as there is hangarage restoration and aircraft maintenance all on offer making it a vibrant and friendly club to to take your first lesson in flying from. Providing flight lessons since 1988 the instructors here have trained and taught many a budding pilot to get their PPL (Private Pilot’s Licence) so you know you’ll be in good hands. Of course learning how to fly for the uninitiated feels like an insurmountable task but your tutor pilot is an expert at putting novices at ease and although it does require a lot dedication and determination these trial lessons in flying from this cute and quiet airfield in Essex will be a real revelation in how exhilarating flying in a light aircraft is. Once the introductions have been done you will head out to the plane on the apron. After a ‘walk around’ the aircraft with a few basic principles of flight explained to you it’s time to climb into the cockpit and get ready for your lesson. A variety of flying lessons in Essex are offered with 30 and 60 minute durations in a two seater training aircraft (typically the high wing Cessna 152) or lessons in the four seater Cessna 172. If you chose this option you will be able to invite up to two people to sit in on the flight with you in the back of the aircraft (subject to pilot approval) and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Essex coast around Clacton.

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