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Flying Lessons Glasgow

Take your slot in amongst the ‘big boys’ with these flying lessons in Glasgow! Flying out of Glasgow International Airport your lesson will see you using the same runway as large commercial airliners. This is a flight that certainly has the views of all the action on the tarmac and the ‘wow’ factor thrown in. So what will it be like taking off from Glasgow on your flying lesson? Well there will surely be lots to look at. On the ground you’ll see the jets all lined up on stand at three piers (East West and Central) with passengers boarding ready to jet off to destinations all over the world. Then there’s you in your light aircraft. Just the taxiing from the flying club’s base on the north side of the airport to the runway is a fascinating voyage into the airside world of a busy international airport.The views are equally enticing from the air. Once you’ve been cleared for take off away you go. You might never have realised it but as you embark on your lesson flying out of Glasgow you’ll see how Black Cart Water and White Cart Water creates a triangle with the airport in between (it’s also a great visual reference point for when pilots come into land!) with Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park beyond.Your flight path will depend on weather and air traffic control but you may well head in a westerly direction towards Glasgow on your lesson to then fly over the likes of Dunoon or Rothesay. Perhaps it’ll be a little aerial fly past of stunning Loch Lomond. Of course it isn’t just about the great views this is a proper trial lesson so you will be having a go at the controls learning to turn climb and bank round in your little plane.We have the full range of flying lessons at Glasgow so whether you fancy a quick spin of the local Renfewshire area or want to get a more in-depth flying experience that gives you lots of time as the captain of your plane there’s something for you. As well as 30 40 or 60 minutes flight durations you can also choose between a two or four seater aircraft for your foray into the Glaswegian air.

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