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Flying Lessons Gloucestershire

The sky’s the limit when it comes to these flying lessons over Gloucestershire. The airport offers a selection of taster flying experiences to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a professional pilot as well as providing a fun aerial adventure over the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside. With its own private taxiway to the runway the Staverton Flying School is a fantastic place to get an authentic flying lesson. Although now called Gloucestershire Airport to many it is still known as Staverton and is an ex-RAF flying lesson training centre that now handles over 90 000 movements each year on three asphalt and one grass runway. When booking your individual lesson you’ll have the choice of flying 30 40 or 60 minutes at Gloucestershire Airport depending on how much time you’d like at the controls. Each session starts with a safety briefing and an explanation from a qualified flying instructor about the technical details of flying a plane as well as what you should expect during the flight. It’s then time to go out onto the apron to meet your airborne machine for the day – a Cessna 152 two-seater or 172 four-seater light aircraft noted for their ease of use and smooth flying. After pre-flight checks and radio clearance you’ll taxi down the runway and prepare for take-off on your thrilling flying lesson. Make the most of this wonderful opportunity to watch the landscape around Gloucestershire become a patchwork quilt beneath you before it’s over to you to take the wheel (that’s what the joystick controller is called) and keep things on track. Cruise steadily through clouds and clear blue skies and let the feeling of raw mechanical power sink in before handing back over to the real expert for the final descent. If you’ve always dreamed of flying a plane then this is the experience for you. All of the airport-based flying lessons at Gloucestershire Airport are suitable for novices and they also count towards your PPL (Private Pilot License) hours if you find yourself hooked on flying and want to continue your lessons.

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