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Flying Lessons Lee-on-Solent

Soar over coastal Hampshire on these flying lessons at Lee-on-Solent! Taking off from Solent Airport you’ll be treated to amazing scenery whilst you get your first taste of what it’s like to pilot a light aircraft on these trial flying lessons.You will be getting airborne in a Cirrus SR20 at Lee on Solent for these flying lessons. This popular light aircraft was revolutionary when it was launched in 1999. It’s a low-wing four seater plane that boasts excellent range (over 800 nautical miles) and is quick comfortable and stable. But there are a couple of features that got everyone talking about the Cirrus.This was the first light aircraft to come equipped with a whole aeroplane parachute recovery system which when you think about it is quite mad. In the cockpit you’ll notice there’s a side (rather than central) stick control which is more often seen on the likes of commercial and fighter jet planes. It also has fixed landing gear as opposed to retractable wheels.So now you know a bit about the plane what about the pilot instructors? This Lee-on-Solent team is experienced approachable and enthusiastic. They love their base here near Fareham as you get to fly over some amazing sights around Southampton and Portsmouth from the Spinnaker Tower to the Isle of Wight and the historic dockyards there’s plenty to look at.You won’t just be gazing down at the coastline and landmarks though. This is an actual flying lesson so you will be actually taking that side-stick control of the Cirrus to actually fly the plane yourself during your flight. What could possibly be cooler than being captain of your own plane as you’re swooping over this beautiful part of Hampshire?And Lee-on-Solent is a great location for these flying lessons. It was originally opened as a naval seabase in 1917 and is now a lovely General Aviation airport with the Daedalus Enterprise park attracting aerospace and precision manufacturing businesses. Facilities at this renowned flight training school are excellent and you’re assured of a warm welcome when you rock up for your flight.

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