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Flying Lessons Lincoln

Take to the skies like a bird on the wing with our flying lessons over Lincolnshire! Take prime position next to the pilot in the cockpit and enjoy spectacular views over this beautiful landscape whilst learning everything there is to know about flying an aero plane. These popular 15 30 and 60 minute courses are all based at Wickenby Aerodrome a place that has its fair share of aviation ancestry. A former RAF base this Lincolnshire aero club’s flights and flying lessons are now organised and co-ordinated from the original control tower. The airfield also boasts two tarmac runways hangars a cosy tearoom and even a museum showcasing facts about the Lancaster Squadrons that were once based there. Your plane of choice for this aerial adventure is a Cessna 152 two-seater a popular model of training aircraft due to its durable design and easy-to-manage dual controls. Depending on your desired level of involvement your flight experience will take the form of either a short sightseeing ride over the Lincoln area or if you’d like to get a bit more €˜hands-on’ a slightly longer stint with the opportunity to take the controls and fly the plane yourself for a while. Throughout your lesson out of Wickenby you’ll be accompanied by a qualified flying instructor who’ll talk you through the basics of piloting. Even if you’re not actively involved in flying the aircraft you can still get the maximum enjoyment from this airborne experience by observing the instructor’s routines for pre-flight checks taxiing and final descent. All of the Lincolnshire-based instructors have been flying light aircraft and teaching flying lessons in some shape or form since 1977 and they’ve racked up thousands of hours in the air. All are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved and know exactly what they’re about when it comes to anything with wings propellers and an engine. If a birds-eye view of eastern England and some quality airtime in the cockpit of a modern light trainer aircraft sound like your kind of fun then these flying lessons in Lincolnshire are the activity for you. From a basic taster to full-on trial flight there’s something to suit every flying style. 

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