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Flying Lessons Manchester

See the cityscape and the countryside on these flying lessons out of Manchester’s City Airport! These trial flying lessons operate out of this small but perfectly formed general aviation airport near Eccles on the west side of Trafford Park and Manchester. It’s a great place to learn to fly as it is well-located has a super friendly and experienced instructing team and a good-sized fleet of light aircraft too.All aircraft used on these trial flying lessons are owned and operated by the school. Both two and four-seater planes are available for trial lessons so you can decide which type of single-engined light aircraft you prefer. We are also offering two flight durations for you so you can choose between a 30 or a 60-minute flying lesson setting off from this Manchester base.And the great thing about this whole area around City Airport Manchester (formerly known as Barton Aerodrome) is that there is so much to see from the air on your flying lesson. In the immediate vicinity you’ve got the Manchester Ship Canal and the criss-crossing of the M60 M62 and M602 motorways. It’s quite mesmerising to see the lines of vehicles snaking along below you and you realise just how close to Manchester City you are €˜as the crow flies’.In general on these flying lessons you then either head westwards away from Manchester towards Southport or Blackpool or you take an easterly route in the direction of the Pennines. You can chat with your instructor about what you’d like to do before taking off. And yes sometimes you might end up flying over your house but usually not due to strict Manchester Airports controlled airspace covering many parts of Greater Manchester. Having said that City Airport itself enjoys open airspace rules so there won’t be any lengthy delays to your flying lessons due to commercial traffic.Once you’ve decided on your flight path with your instructor pilot and filled in the necessary paperwork it’s time to head out to the aircraft do the pre-flight checks and get ready to go flying. All lessons out of Manchester aim to maximise the time you have at the controls so you can fly the plane for as long as possible (if you want to that is) as well as having time to appreciate your new perspective on the world below you.

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