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Flying Lessons North Devon

Let your aeronautical dreams take off with these flying lessons in Devon! Climb into the cockpit and soar among the clouds for a 30- or 60-minute aviation experience. Feel the tell-tale tug of gravity as the wheels lift off the runway and enjoy a sensation of awe-inspiring amazement as your nifty Evektor EuroStar trainer aircraft takes you over the rugged and majestic landscape of North Devon. Private flight sessions are the ideal gift for anyone with a love of planes and flying with lessons at this Devonshire airbase a popular choice. Eaglescott Airfield lies just five miles from the North Devon coastline and is free from controlled airspace regulations so allowing you to enjoy a relaxed flying lesson under the guidance of a fully trained flight instructor who’ll oversee your first forays into piloting a plane. The centre itself boasts an impressive array of resources for any airborne antics you might have in mind with a 600m grass runway two helicopter landing pads and an emergency crosswind runway for those fickle south-westerly winds. There are also two sizeable hangars housing both private and club-owned aircraft as well as refuelling facilities and a cosy clubroom with catering facilities so if this flying lesson piques your interest the Devonian team at Eaglescott are happy to help you build on your skills. Whether you opt for the half-hour or full hour-long flying lesson your time at the Devon airfield starts with a safety talk and an introduction to the basics of handling a plane. While you won’t be responsible for the technically tricky takeoff and landing sections of your flight you’ll have the chance to take over the control wheel and maybe even the throttle levers as you manoeuvre your way over the coastal towns villages and cliffs of this iconic part of the country. Then it’s time to head back to base with your flying instructor taking over for the final approach into Eaglescott touching down and rolling gently over the grass to bring you back to base where you can reminisce about your lesson over a warm cup of tea or coffee in the comfort of the airfield’s clubhouse. These courses offer a fantastic aerial tour of one of the most stunning counties in the UK and are suitable plane enthusiasts of all ages. But even if flying as a leisure activity is only just creeping onto your hobby radar our flying lessons over Devon are a true flight of fancy to tempt even the most land-loving participants.

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